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Hello and welcome to konbanchuu run by mknsen08 and kuroi_shin. This used to be a purely scans-community, but since this was getting nowhere, we decided to revampt the entire thing. Hence the new and improved community is now a music-rotation community which consists of various music of different genres.

We are not, in any way, connected/affiliated/associated/"in-kahooks" with any of the companies that created and/or produced these groups.
★sharing is caring, but commenting is love.

★sharing is caring, but taking our links without our permission is a sin.

★all links will be locked by the end of seven (7) days, please join afterwards. (this is to keep leechers from doing what they do best)

★as of 04/28/09, membership is now opened to all registered users.
mknsen08 → concentrates on uploading Japanese and Korean music with a bit of anime series osts.

kuroi_shin → concentrates on uploading Western music in the genres of classical and jazz and Kanjani∞

YOU → willingly uploads mirrors for any of the posts in the community. ;)

*as of now, we are not considering recruiting any other uploaders, please understand this and have fun downloading!


Got a favorite Japanese group, singer, album, single, or promotional video? Pimp it to us!

Members who are willing and wanting to share their thoughts about a certain Japanese group, singer, album, single or promotional video will be allowed to here at konbanchuu. Any member of the community will be allowed (and encouraged) to post their opinions and get a chance to pimp it to not only the rest of the members, but moderators as well. XD

No application required. :)

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