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28 April 2009 @ 07:13 pm
[MOD] notice please  
So, due to some RL issues, kuroi_shin and I have apparently stopped uploading for a few months. But now that I have free time on my hands, I'll be sure to upload something soon. Although I'm going to be changing what I upload a bit. This time I'll only upload possible requests (pimp it to me to make me upload it faster) and most especially the groups and artists I like.

I'm still going to do some community work (affiliation post, layout, banner, profile) but I'll announce now that the community is now an open membership! :) However, same rules still apply. Posts are locked after 7 days, no hotlinking links, say please and thank you, etc. 8D

Also, just for those who aren't aware, MegaUpload offers Happy Hour from 9AM to 11AM UTC every weekday. This means you can have premium privileges with a free account! I thought I would tell you all of this because Sharebee, one of the uploading links I give you, provides MU links as well. This is just for your (and my) convenience. :)

I think there are a lot of groups and artists that I like who released this time of month. Please look forward to it!
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